OTC FD-B6L

    OTC FD-B6L

    Product Description


    • Fast
    • Slim
    • User-Friendly
    • Powerful

    Manipulator Specifications:

    Name FD-B6L
    Structure Vertical Articulated Type
    Number of Axes 6
    Wrist Capacity 6 kg
    Positional Repeatability (Note 1) ±0.05mm (Note 1)
    Drive Method AC Servo motor
    Drive Capacity 4832W
    Positional Feedback Absolute Encoder
    Working Range (°) Arm J1 Rotation ±170° ( ±50° ) (Note 2)
    J2 Front/Back -155° to +100° (Note 3)
    J3 Up/Down -170° to +190°
    Wrist J4 Swing ±155 (±170°) (Note 4)
    J5 Bending -45° to +225° (Note 5)
    J6 Twist ±205° (±360°) (Notes 4 and 5)
    Maximum Speed (rad/ s [°/ s]) Arm J1 Rotation 3.93rad/s [225°/s] (3.05rad/° [175°/s]) (Note 2)
    J2 Front/Back 3.58rad/s [205°/s]
    J3 Up/Down 3.84rad/s [220°/s]
    Wrist J4 Swing 7.50rad/s [430°/s]
    J5 Bending 7.50rad/s [430°/s]
    J6 Twist 11.00rad/s [630°/s]
    Wrist Allowable Load (Allowable Moment) J4 Swing 10.5N・m
    J5 Bending 10.5N・m
    J6 Twist 5.9N・m
    Wrist Allowable Load (Allowable Moment of Inertia) J4 Swing 0.28kg・m²
    J5 Bending 0.28kg・m²
    J6 Twist 0.06kg・m²
    Arm Cross-Sectional Area 6.37m² x 340°
    Environmental Conditions Temp: 0 to 45°C, Hmd: 20 to 80%RH (No condensation)
    Mass (weight) 278
    Capacity of Upper Arm 20kg (Note 6)
    Installation Method Floor, Ceiling, Wall-mounted
    Paint Color White (Munsell Notation 10GY 9/ 1)
    1. Positional repeatability of the tool center point ( TCP ) value complies with the JIS-B-8432 Standard.
    2. Specifications for wall mounting appear in parentheses.
    3. The working range of the J2 axis may be restricted when wall-mounted.
    4. This specification applies when a single-wire power cable is fed through the hollow part of J4 and J6. The value in parentheses represents all other specifications.
    5. The working range of the J6 axis may be restricted by the specific posture of the J5 axis.
    6. The capacity of the upper arm varies with the wrist capacity.

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