OTC D-12000

    OTC D-12000

    Product Description


    • High Power and 100% Duty Cycle for Precision High Speed Cutting
    • Max Cutting Capacity 60 mm ( 2.4 in )


    Cutting Power Source TRC-121
    Input Voltage Indicate input voltage when ordering
    Rated Frequency 50/ 60 Hz
    Number of Phase 3 Phase
    Rated Input 28.3kVA (27.5kW)
    Rated Output Current 120A
    Rated Output Voltage 200V
    Rated Duty Cycle 100%
    Output Current Range 30 - 120A
    Dimensions (W x D x H) 450 x 780 x 775mm ( 18 x 31.2 x 31in )
    Mass 176kg
    Cutting Torch CTW (M)(L) - 1201 CTPW (M)(L) - 1201
    CTZW (M)(L) - 1201
    Rated Current 120A
    Rated Duty Cycle 100%
    Cooling System Water-Cooled Type
    Using Gas Compressed Air
    Cable Length 10m * 1 (20m) * 1 (30m)
    Type of Torch Body Short Handle Type Straight Type
    Long Handle Type
    We reserve the right to change design and/ or specification without prior notice.