Weldone IA5000

    Weldone IA5000

    Product Description


    • Small in size, light weight and easy to carry
    • Good performance with automatic compensatoin for voltage fluctuation
    • Low open energy wastage, energy saving
    • Suitable for welding of stainless steel and mild steel products

    Technical Parameter:

    Model Weldone IA5000
    Input Voltage (V) 3PH 415V 50/ 60Hz
    Rated Input Power Capacity (KVA) 21
    No-Load Voltage (V) 75
    Output Current Range (A) 20 - 500
    Rated Output Voltage (V) 32
    Duty Cycle (%) 60
    Electrode Diameter (mm) 1.6 - 5.0
    Efficiency (%) 85
    Power Factor (Cos Ø) 0.93
    Insulation Class F
    Gross Weight (kg) 20
    Overall Dimension (mm) 470 x 260 x 465
    Protection Class Of Case IP23