Parts of MIG Welding Torch

    Parts of MIG Welding Torch

    Product Description

    MB-15 Swanneck c/w Tip Holder (Left) (002-0009(L))   MB-15 12.5 Nozzle (53mmL x 12.7MM) (145-0075)   MB-15 Nozzle Cylindrical (53mmL x 15.9MM)(145-0041)   MB-15 Tip Holder (002-0078C(L))
    MB-15 Contact Tip (M6) x 25mm (140-XXX)   MB-15 Rubber (MB-15-SC)   MB-15 Head Insulator (002-0050)   MB-15 Connector (Spring) (002-0058)
    MB - 15 Handle (BG-85101)   Euro  Liner Lock Nut for Adapter (BG-84300)   Binzel - Trigger Switch (185.0005)   Euro Adapter for Euro Fitting (Torch) (BG-84099 / BG-84100)
    MB-15 & 24 Spring (BD-80061(1))   Housing Connector Nut (Torch) (BG-84710(I))   Housing For Euro Fitting (BG-85101)   Central Adapter Nut for Euro Fitting (Torch) (BG-84701)