OTC Accuting 300P-500P

    OTC Accuting 300P-500P

    Product Description


    • Highest-quality AC/DC Pulsed TIG welding machine achieve high quality welding of aluminum by varied AC TIG current waveforms and pulse functions.
    • 7 welding modes:
      • DC Stick
      • Rectangular Wave AC Pulsed TIG
      • Rectangular Wave AC Stick
      • DC TIG
      • TIG Arc Spot
      • Rectangular Wave AC TIG


    Welding Power Source AEP-300 AEP-500
    Number of Phase Single Phase
    Rated Input 380 / 400 V
    Rated Output 300A 500A
    Output Adjustment Range AC ~ 350A/ DC ~ 350A AC ~ 500A/ DC ~ 500A
    Rated Usage Rate 100%
    Dimensions 460 x 663 x 859mm 508 x 724 x 895mm
    Mass 176kg 273kg
    Welding Torch AW-18 AW-12
    Cable Hose BAB-3501 BMRH-5001
    We reserve the right to change design and/ or specification without prior notice.