Lincoln Tomahawk® 1025

    Lincoln Tomahawk® 1025

    Product Description


    • Starting: innovative advanced arc starting without HF
    • Performance: innovative advanced electrode and nozzle design
    • Longer lifetime: innovative advanced design increases lifetime of consumables
    • Faster: higher travel speeds and plate thickness
    • Flexible: multiple torch configurations
    • Different materials: mild steel, mtainless mteel, aluminium and many more
    • Concentrated plasma stream: less heat input, less distortion

    Technical Specifications:

    Product Tomahawk® 1025
    Item Number K12048-1
    Primary Voltage (50-60Hz) 400V/3Ph
    Rated Output 60A/40%
    Cutting Capacity (mm) 25
    Flow Rate 130l/min+/- 20%@5.0bar
    Inlet Pressure 6.0 bar
    Output Range (A) 20-60
    Weight(kg) 22
    Dimensions HxWxD (mm) 389 x 247 x 489