Lincoln Optimarc® CV/CC 505

    Lincoln Optimarc® CV/CC 505

    Product Description

    Features and Benefits

    • Synergic function, preset voltage is matched with current automatically. Both current and voltage are pre-settable
    • Light weight and Portable - easy to move
    • Toughness. Test to strict IP 23 Classifications-designed for “Real” industrial conditions
    • “Made To Last” PC Boards
    • “Trayed & Potted” PCB’s filled with epoxy double locked and environmentally protected wiring harness connectors
    • Boards are carefully located to provide maximum protection from the environment
    • A five position switch for welding process mode selection enabling the operator to easily select his chosen welding output for his specific welding application


    Product Number K60169-1
    Input Power 380V ~ 415V(±10%)/3/50 or 60 Hz
    Rated Output Current/ Duty Cycle 500A/40V/60% 500A/39V/60%
    390A/35.6V/100% 390A/33.5V/100%
    Output Range 20.6~40V 16~39V 10.2~30V
    15~500A 50~500A 5~500A
    Input Power @Rated Output (KW) 23KW@60%
    Dimensions H × W × D (mm) 540 x 340 x 800
    Net Weight (Kg) 47kg
    We reserve the right to change design and/ or specification without prior notice.