D-ARC DM-2500

    D-ARC DM-2500

    Product Description


    • Low energy consumption and adaptability to input voltage fluctuation
    • Excellent arc start, low spatter level with high deposition
    • Inverter IGBT technology, reliable and efficient
    • Excellent weld, less thermal deformation especially for thin plate welding
    • Suitable for all round welding of carbon steel, low alloy steel and tool steel etc

    Technical Parameter:

    Model DM-2500
    Input Voltage / Frequency 1PH 240V 50/60Hz
    Rated Input Current (A) 38
    Rated Input Capacity (KVA) 8.4
    Rated No-Load Voltage (V) -
    Rated Output Voltage (V) -
    Output Voltage Range (V) 15-26.5
    Output Current Range (A) 25-250
    Wire Feed Rate (M/min) -
    Wire Diameter (MM) 0.8/1.0
    Wire Feeding Method -
    Rated Duty Cycle (%) 60
    Efficiency (%) 85
    Power Factor 0.85
    Insulation Class F
    Protection Class IP21
    Dimension (MM) 530 x 270 x 440
    Gross Weight (KG) 26
    *We reserve the right to change design and/ or specification without prior notice.