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  • Keyhole welding realizes high-speed welding and high quality welding
  • Pulse frequency and pulse machine can be freely changed, a solid pulse function to prevent distortion and melting down
  • Torch recognition function to prevent torch and consumable parts from burning
  • Torch has a double nozzle type that suppresses consumption of electrodes and stabilizes output for a long time and a single nozzle type that can be miniaturized while adapting to a large current


Number of Phase 3 Phase
Rated Input 380/ 400V
Rated Frequency 50/ 60 Hz
Rated Output 300A
Output Adjustment Range 0.5 - 300A
Rated Usage 100%
Dimensions 395 x 710 x 820mm
Mass 86kg
Welding Torch PTW-0151 PTPW-0701, PTW-0701 PTPW-1001, PTW-1001 PTPW-1501, PTW-1501 PTPW-2001, PTW-2001 PTPW-3001E
Base Material Side Power Cable BKPTF-0305 BKPTF-2205 BKPTF-6005 BKPTF-8005
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Copyright © 2022 by TTMC. All rights reserved.
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