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Product Description


  • Faster Cycle Time
  • Stronger structure
  • User-friendly Operation
  • More Robust

Manipulator Specifications:

Name FD-V25
Number of Axes 6
Max. Payload Capacity (kg) 25kg
Positional Repeatability (mm) ±0.07mm (Note 1)
Drive Capacity (W) 5600W
Working Range (°) Arm J1 Rotation ±170° (±50°) (*Note 2)
J2 Lower Arm -155° to +100° (Note 3)
J3 Upper Arm -170° to +260°
Wrist J4 Swing ±180°
J5 Bending -50° to +230°
J6 Twist ±360°
Maximum Speed (rad/ s [°/ s]) Arm J1 Rotation 3.40rad/s (3.05) {19°/s (175°/s)} (Note 2)
J2 Lower Arm 3.32rad/s {190°/s}
J3 Upper Arm 3.14rad/s {180°/s}
Wrist J4 Swing 6.98rad/s {400°/s}
J5 Bending 6.98rad/s {400°/s}
J6 Twist 10.47rad/s {600}
Wrist Allowable Load (Allowable Moment) J4 Swing 52.6N・m
J5 Bending 52.6N・m
J6 Twist 24.5N・m
Wrist Allowable Load (Allowable Moment of Inertia) J4 Swing 1.24kg・m²
J5 Bending 1.24kg・m²
J6 Twist 0.33kg・m²
Arm Cross-Sectional Area 5.27m² x 340°
Ambient Conditions Temp: 0 to 45°C, Hmd: 20 to 80%RH (No Condensation)
Mass (weight) 278kg
Upper Arm Payload Capacity 10kg (Wrist capacity: 25kg) (Note 4)
Installation Type Floor, Wall or Ceiling
Paint Color White (Munsell Notation 10GY 9/ 1)
  1. The value of the positional repeatability is at the tool center point ( TCP ) compliant to ISO 9283.
  2. The value in the parentheses indicates the wall-mounting condition.
  3. Working range of J2 axis may be restricted when wall-mounting.
  4. The operation range of the J3 axis is restricted to -170 degrees to +250 degrees when floor-based welding is applied.
  5. When loading the Max. payload capacity as the end effector.

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