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Lincoln Powerplus™ 650A MIG Thyristor

Lincoln Powerplus™ 650A MIG Thyristor

Product Description


POWERPLUS® II 650 is a constant voltage power source targeted for heavy duty welding applications. The machine produces excellent output characteristics, and delivers a stable arc across the entire output range.

POWERPLUS® 650HD is Lincoln's solution to the demanding needs of heavy industry welding. It is designed for GMAW, FCAW & Carbon Arc Gouging processes. Excellent CV welding performance is guaranteed when using either pure CO2 or Argon mixed gas. Reliable performance is optimized for welding carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium. It is also suitable for carbon arc gouging using up to 10mm in diameter carbon electrodes.


Input Power 380-415/3/50/60
Rated Output 650A/44V/60%
Output Range 60-650A
Cored Wire Size Range 0.9-1.6 mm
Wire Feed Speed Range < 1-20 m/min
Dimensions (H x W x D) < 785 mm x 520 mm x 670 mm
Net Weight 205 kg
We reserve the right to change design and/ or specification without prior notice.
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