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Flamax MZ-1250

Flamax MZ-1250

Product Description


  • Suitable for manual welding/carbon arc gas gouging/ submerged arc welding.
  • Powerful pulse function, the excellent molding of weld joint.
  • Preset and digital display for welding current/voltage and speed.
  • Suitable for the different welding processes due to voltage compensation functionality.
  • Protection function: over-current, over-voltage or under-voltage, phase error, overload, etc.
  • Multi-adjustment of head position.
  • Scraping arc and designated arc.

Technical Parameter:

Input Voltage/ Frequency Three-phase 415V ± 10% 50Hz
Rated Input Current (A) 130
Rated Input Capacity (KVA) 85.6
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 78
Rated Welding Voltage (V) 44
Rated Welding Current (A) 1250
Current Adjusting Range (A) 250 - 1250
Rated Duty Cycle (%) 100%
Efficiency 0.85
Power Factor 0.9
Dimension (mm) 1075 * 700 * 970
Net Weight (kg) 460
*Technical information provided by the manufacturer
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Copyright © 2022 by TTMC. All rights reserved.
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