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Lincoln Welding Consumable

Lincoln Welding Consumable

Product Description


The Lincoln Electric Company is one of the largest manufacturers of welding consumables and equipment in Europe. It has been manufacturing in Europe for more than 75 years. Lincoln Electric Company has 17 sales offices across Europe and more than 1500 people working to satisfy its Customers. Besides, Lincoln offers complete welding solutions like base and advanced welding trainings and welding procedures for industry. 


Flux Core Wire (FCAW)
High Tensile Strength Steel E71T-1C, E71T-9C, E81T1-Ni1C
Stainless Steel E308LT1-1/4,E316LT1-1/4,E309LT1-1/4
Others Metal cored, Innershield
CO2 Wire (GMAW) High Tensile Strength Steel ER70S-6 , ER70S-G
Stainless Steel ER308L,ER308LSI,ER309L, ER309LSI , ER316L , ER316LSI
Aluminum Wire
Submerged Arc (SAW) Carbon Steel EM12K
ELE Stick Electrode (SMAW) Carbon Steel E6013,E6019,E7016,E7018,E7024
Stainless Steel ER308L,ER309L,ER316L
Other s
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Copyright © 2022 by TTMC. All rights reserved.
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