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We provide full range of quality welding and cutting machineries
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We Serve a Variety of Applications

TTMC Group is a company specializing in Welding & Cutting equipment, distributing, automation series, trading, and servicing business. We have been established for more than 20 years in Malaysia. We aim to be the major Reliable player in the Welding, Cutting & Automation Industry that provides Excellent Products Quality, Services & Solutions Provider.
TTMC Group is the main distributor of the leading welding machine brands such as Lincoln, Weldone, and Kiswel. Our products are of high quality and we strive to achieve higher production level to fulfill customer’s satisfaction and promise to deliver the best quality of products with fair prices. Our experienced team are well-trained in both product knowledge and provide great after sales services for customers.
TTMC - Your Trusted Partner
For Welding, Cutting & Automation

We are Authorised for These Brands

OTC Diahen Inc
Lincoln Electric

Oil and Gas Industry

Automated welding is critical in oil and gas industry which utilizes highly complex infrastructure such as rigs, pipelines, platforms and facilities for construction and maintenance.

Aerospace Industry

High-quality, precision and consistent automation system to meet the stringent regulations and guidelines for aerospace manufacturer.

Palm Oil Industry

Industries start automating their production to a large extent and robotic welding is becoming a standard feature of such automation.

Power Plant

Implementation varying levels of robots and automation such as maintenance activities performed on the reactor pressure vessel and steam generator in power industry.

Steel Fabrication

High-definition plasma cutting offers high-quality cuts at faster speeds that can help reduce costs associated with overtime and defects in steel manufacturing.


Large-scale automated welding systems helps shipbuilding keep up with growing demands and improve capacity, quality, accuracy and cycle time.

Automotive Industry

Welding robots improve automotive assembly lines faster while being safer, cost effective, and efficient.

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Copyright © 2022 by TTMC. All rights reserved.
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