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MZ-1250 CAG Gouging Welding Machine

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  • Suitable for manual welding/carbon arc gas gouging/submerged arc welding.
  • Powerful pulse function, the excellent molding of weld joint.
  • Preset and digital display for welding current/voltage and speed.
  • Suitable for the different welding processes due to voltage compensation functionality.
  • Protection function: over-current, over-voltage or under-voltage, phase error, overload, etc.
  • Multi-adjustment of head position.
  • Scraping arc and designated arc.

Input Voltage / Frequency : Three-phase 415V±10% 50Hz
Rated Input Current (A) : 130
Rated Input Capacity (KVA) : 85.6
Open Circuit Voltage (V) : 78
Rated Welding Voltage (V) : 44
Rated Welding Current (A) : 1250
Current Adjusting Range (A) : 250-1250
Rated Duty Cycle (%) : 100%
Efficiency : 0.85
Power Factor : 0.9
Dimension (mm) : 1075*700*970
Net Weight (kg) : 460

*Technical information provided by the manufacturer

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