Arcweld 160i 200i-ST DV Inverter

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Arcweld 160i 200i-ST DV Inverter Stick Welder (SMAW) Welding Machine

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Features and Benefits

Built for the Job

The arcweld 130i-ST/160i-ST/200i-ST/160i-ST DV/200i-ST DV inverter machines are intended to be used for light to medium duty welding application. They are an ideal choice for maintenance, small repairs & general fabrication. Both machines are designed to be used with 6011, 6013 &7018 type electrodes up to 5.0mm in diameter

The arcweld inverter machines are very companct, lightwegith and come with a shoulder strap for ease of transportation. Accessories are included, so the machines are ready to weld out of the box


Input Power : 110/220/1/50-60
Rated Output : 110A@60%
Output Range : 10-160A
Dimensions (H x W x D) : 290 mm x 220 mm x 470 mm
Net Weight : 12 kg
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